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Return & Refunds

Return Policy

We offer a return policy on products that are classified as following:

  • Incorrect product - This is in case we shipped the wrong product(s)
    • In the advent that the product shipped is not what was ordered, please notify Customer Service Staff, so a replacement can be sent immediately upon the incorrect product(s) being returned to us.


  • Damaged product


    • In the event that the product(s) you have received is damaged on receipt you may be able to return it.


  • Nothing we ship is already damaged - the decision to replace a product that has apparently been damaged due to rough mail handling will be at our sole discretion - the customer may have to take up the issue with their local relevant postal body.

Refund Policy

Any paid orders unable to be fulfilled in a reasonable time-frame will result in a full refund of the initial charge of the relevant item(s).

If you accidentally order the wrong product or change your mind, a refund/replacement will NOT be issued.  Please order carefully.

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